RichMail with SMTP Login Authentication

RichMail with SMTP Login Authentication

Hi :)

I've added a method on Outsystems RichMail extension:

It's called "RichMailSendAuthenticated" and the main difference from RichMailSend is that there are two new parameters: Username and Password.

The extension will send a AUTH LOGIN buffer to the SMTP server before trying to send the message, wich is required to some SMTP servers that require authentication.

Feel free to try it, and give some feedback on compatibilty with your smtp servers.

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There was a bug in the previous release. Please use this updated xif.

Please let me know of any further problems.

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Hello everyone.

To close this conversation, I want to tell you that the RichMailAuthenticate method is already available in the RichMail extension that comes with the Outsystems Hub Server (versions 3.1 and 4 up).

Please do not install the one that is provided in the post above. Remember that the RichMail extension is supported by Outsystems and is always published automatically every time you install a new Outsystems Hub Server version or version.

The RichMailAuthenticate method gives you the ability of specifying the authentication credentials to use when contacting the SMTP server. PLAIN and LOGIN authentication kinds supported.

To use SMTP authentication in your Outsystems actions, all you have to do is call the RichMailAuthenticate method (specifying the username/password and authentication kind) before calling all the other RichMail extension actions. These credentials are maintained and used by all RichMail actions for the duration of the session.

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I've been using this RichMailAuthenticate with a gmail account, and when trying to send emails with smtp protocol, I get always the same error, either if kind is set to "PLAIN" or "LOGIN".

30 5.7.0 Must issue a STARTTLS command first j1sm5369318ugf

I've been looking in the internet how to solve this, but requires to modify the source code, so that's why I need your help. I'm sure that someone have had the same problem before.

Hi Nerea

The RichMailAuthenticate method that is available with the Richmail extension only implements the SMTP Authentication method types PLAIN and LOGIN, described by RFC2554 of SMTP Authentication protocol.

The gmail account, apparently, is using the SMTP Authentication method STARTTLS, which basically is secure SMTP over the TLS protocol, described by the RFC2487.

So if you want to use SMTP over TLS, you'll have to implement an authentication method that negotiates with the server using the TLS protocol (RFC2246) and the SMTP over TLS protocol (RFC2487).

Don't know if someone already have done that.

Hope this information is helpful.


Miguel João
Hi people,

Do you know of any free webmail that does not use SMTP Authentication method STARTTLS?

Thanks in advance,
Pedro Gonçalves
Hi Pedro.
I've tried sending the richmail from these both free SMTP server and it worked fine with "PLAIN" kind.
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