Define Column Unique


Is there a way i can define a column Unique in the entity. I only found option for "Set as Identifier", but that is the Primary Key of the table, i want to use another column, do not need it to be Primary Key however want it to be unique.

One way is to handle it manually, but the is there a way to define Unique Constraint in the platform?

Please suggest.



Hello Shashank,

Double click on entity.

Go to Indexes

Click on New

Select Unique as Yes and after that attribute of table which you want to set as unique.

Hope this helps.

Thanks and Regards,

Suraj Borade


Thanks Suraj.

I thinks thats the way to achieve it, there was one confusion but i got the information over the internet.

"Unique Index and Unique Constraint are the same. They achieve same goal. SQL Performance is same for both."