Sessions in SMS flows

Hello all,

Suppose that there is a Wait Message with a Preparation action. Within the Preparation action a Login action is executed.

What is the purpose of the Login's Persistent attribute?

I guess that this has something to do with the way that a session is established, but I didn't get it in scope of SMS flows initiated by the end user.

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Hi Mario,

As you might understood, sessions in SMS are defined by a pair of attributes: MSISDN + Large Account. Or in other words, the end-user phone number (MSISDN) and the public number of the service (Large Account).

ThePersistent Login attribute of the Login API is used to setup the session information in a cookie, whenever you're using a cookie-enabled device to access the application. Of course, the SMS technology doesn't support such behavior and thus, the use of the Persistent Login parameter is worthless. Nevertheless, it is part of the API for compatibility reasons.

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Carlos Alves