How to use silk UI CSS in London theme


My default theme layout is London and i also have silk UI dependency but when i am trying to use any silk UI web patterns like accordian and ballon then its not working as expected.

When i use vanilla theme then all are working fine.

Right now i am in position that i can not change the my current london theme to any other theme so how i should use silk UI all Functionality in my london theme ?

Thanks & Regards

DM Singh


Hi DM,

You can't. The London theme has not been updated since before the SilkUI was born. See if you can upgrade from London theme to the Liverpool Theme, which is an improved version of the London theme.

Kind regards,

Remco Dekkinga


We can not use silk UI pattern in London theme. it's better to use any of the silk UI themes just by taking references and change the Landon layout to whatever theme you want to change.