Using comma as a decimal separator

Using comma as a decimal separator


Is there a way that I can use the comma as the default decimal separator on all web screens of an application?

I know I could use text fields and replace "." by "," but the manipulation would be very cumbersome, to say the least.


Henrique Capela
Dear Henrique,

Thank you for your post.

Currently the platform's decimal representation conforms exclusively to the Anglophone convention of using the point as the decimal separator. It does so in the internal Service Studio language, in the output displays (Expression widgets for example) and the inputs (although these allow for commas to be entered, converting them to point format on lose focus).

Your suggestion of using a stub text field is indeed our best suggestion and the one we use internally when this need arises. As an accelerator let me point you towards the FormatDecimal() function which allows you to create custom decimal outputs effortlessly. Please refer to Service Studio documentation for more info on its syntax.

Best regards,