Spam Posts and Answers


Some time ago I gave the idea of using double factor authentication to login on forum, to prevent spam.

But noe, more and more these spammers are creating answers in others posts as well.

While the first is very easy to spot and the moderators can erase them, the second case is much more difficult to do.

So, there is anything that you can do to help stop this from happening? 

Right now, the type of messages lead me believe that these are bots. This means that a good captcha system on login would solve the problem, but more and more we are seeing other sites using double factor and I think it would work also.

This is something really annoying in a forum.


Eduardo Jauch

Hey Eduardo,

You're absolutely right!

I know OutSystems is on it, but this needs to be done fast, it's a real plague right now. I deleted a huge bunch this morning, as other MVPs have done also recently, but this can't be a manual fight.




yup, it's becoming a nuisance now.

A captcha is at least one of the partial solution


Hi guys,

the captcha system already exists and we did improvements in the enable/disable process.

After that deliver, a lot of spam decreased.