How to make button with JS: window.history.back(); ?

How to make button with JS: window.history.back(); ?


I have 1 common detail screen which can be called in 3 separate screen (namely List Screen, Approve Screen, Audit Screen), which both called this 1 common detail screen.

I want to make a Back/Cancel button, that navigate to previous screen.

In Destination property there is no previous screen option.

How can / should I make a javascript history back button to achieve this?


Hi Harlin,

One possibility is to pass the "previous" page as input parameter and on "back" just "navigate" to it.


You can have a link/button that navigates to the page itself "#" and add an OnClick event (extended properties) that runs your javascript to go back.

You can even add HTML through expression and set your link/button directly (but usually is not good practice to include html directly).

<button onclick="goBack()">Go Back</button>

function goBack() {

Hope this helps.

Eduardo Jauch