New MVPs join the OutSystems MVP Program

It's been an exciting couple of weeks since we made some changes to the MVP Program, and it looks like it got some people's attention!

We had over 30 MVP nominations, some of them recommendations from other developers, and we couldn't be happier with all the excitement around the program!

However, this is a tough process, and some candidates just need the extra time to be able to reach the amazing level of throughput our MVPs are known to deliver (if you're one of them, please don't lose hope - we're here to help you get where you want).

That said, 3 developers from this group showed incredible results and potential. They have been active in the Community, either creating valuable Forge components, writing brilliant articles or organizing memorable events for our developers. 

This group of 3 developers has exceeded expectations and we're happy to introduce them to the Community and welcome them to the MVP Program. 

Without further ado...

We have Martijn Habraken from Transfer Solutions, Olga Duarte from B-Synergy and Miguel Antunes from Noesis joining our exceptional MVP group. 

Find them here.

Congratulations on your amazing dedication and we’re looking forward to seeing all the great things we’ll be able to do together and with the help of our community.

This will be a great year for the OutSystems Community and OutSystems MVPs - we hope to see your name up here soon!

Congratulation to all three!

I had the opportunity to work a little with Miguel Antunes in a small project back at the OutSystems last year and he is a really good choice to the MVP program.

Eduardo Jauch

Welcome to the madhouse :)

Hmm, I think Olga and me went to the same bootcamp back in the day :D

blast from the past!

Thank you.

Yes Joost, good memory, a delivery manager bootcamp, Ages ago!!    

It's nice to have them here and looking forward to talk with them on slack.

A big welcome to you all  !!

Welcome, everyone!

Welcome my new friends...

People here usually have a screw loose, but we're fine sometimes...

Welcome Martijn, Olga and Miguel!

"With great power, comes great responsibility" is our motto!

Although in regards to João Melo words:

Welcome my new friends...

People here usually have a screw loose, but we're fine sometimes...

being up-front as I usually am... I must say I've lost a couple of screws already! ...besides the one that is loose.


Welcome Martijn, Olga and Miguel. It's a pleasure to continue this journey with you even if from the other side.


Nice to see that the program is being adopted by others also helping on the community and doing other things.

Was also great to meet you at NextStep!

Kind regards,

A big welcome to the new MVPs!!    #OutSystemsMVP

Hi there peeps!

Thank you all, it's a pleasure to be so close to you again!