"combo box"

Good afternoon,

I would like to concatenate two values at a combo box' list. Example:
Source Entity: Operating System
- name (ex. windows)
- version (ex. 95 , 98)

The combo box should display:
- windows 95
- windows 98
- ...

(joining name + version)

(this must be made dinamically from the DB, instead of filling up the special list with hardcoded values)

Thank you
Hi Luís,

to be able to concatenate these two values you can create an Advance Query that would look like:
(assuming OperatingSystem the name of the entity)

SELECT {OperatingSystem}.ID, {OperatingSystem}.Name + ' ' + {OperatingSystem}.Version
FROM {OperatingSystem}
ORDER BY {OperatingSystem}.Name

Then you could create a Structure that would contain two fields: the OperatingSystem ID (of type Operating System Identifier) and the Label of the Combobox. Set this Structure as the Output Structure of the Advanced Query.

Finally, you must Fill-in the attributes of the Select List as follows:
-Custom Record List - The Advanced Query
-Source Entity/Struct - The created Structure
-Source Attribute - The Label Attribute of the Structure
-Key Attribute - The OperatingSystem ID Attribute of the Structure

Hope this helps.

Best Regards,
Hi Luís,

I would like to propose you a more «build-to-change» approach.

Using the same table definition as defined by Cláudia:
1. Make a simple query as usual, using your OperatingSystem entity, say GetOperatingSystems.
2. After the simple query, create a for each cycle that will iterate the GetOperatingSystems record list
3. In the cycle, assign GetOperatingSystems.Name to GetOperatingSystems.Name + GetOperatingSystemsGetOperatingSystems.Version
4. In your screen, set your select widget as usual:
-Custom Record List - GetOperatingSystems
-Source Entity/Struct - OperatingSystem
-Source Attribute - The Name attribute of the OperatingSystem entity.

So, steps 1 and 4 are the same as you know. The only diference is step 2 and 3, where you change the Name attribute, in order to show the appropriate value on the combobox.