Editable Table from scratch

please help, I'm new with the outsystems platform, Please teach me how to do this one, I want to have a editable table from scratch, that can saved a local list variable to ensure that the data won't be save if the user cancelled the form.

Hi Mimencio,

This widget "Editable Table" is designed to allow you create or edit multiple records on an entity in an easier way. However, it is not designed for saving multiple records in a one-time way. 

If you really want that behavior I would suggest you create that pattern using the TableRecords widget. Being a basic element, it has more flexibility on adding new logic and features.

Let me recommend you to check the EditableTableExamples component where you can see "How to make a TableRecords behave like an Editable Table?"

Hope that helps,


Mimencio if you want to create an Editable table from zero I recommend you the ListRecords widget available in the Outsystems Platform. It's simple and you can customize it pretty much in all aspects (layout, content, etc).

Good luck!


Hi Vera Tiago,

By using widget "Editable Table" i have designed for saving multiple records by clicking one save button. Logic is Below

Please check once, I have attached OAP file. Pleased find the attachment