[Email Composer Plugin] Pluggin dosn't work on android devices.
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A few months ago we found out that the plugin on android didn't work on the open action and gave us a javascrip error (i am sorry but i cant find the error because we changed it some time ago).

We managed to fix it by creating a clone and changing the extensibility configurations, one with "https://github.com/condeca/OutsystemsiPhone" and the other with "https://github.com/condeca/OutSystemsAndroid.git".

With this change another problem appeared when we generate the apps.
We currently have 5 apps using the plugin, this change makes us swap this configurations between the 2 plugins and regenerate to get all to work because sometimes one app works and the others don't and we are not sure why..

Hello again,
The javascript error that the plugin gives on android devices is in this posts attachment.
Thank you.
Francisco Freire.



Hi Francisco Freire,

The plugin was updated and should be working correctly now.

Best Regards

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