When opening a new espace, the recent files list often contains old items and especially saved files, which are never replaced by the current server version. For example if you save espace@server once, you end up with C:\path\espace.oml and if you now open espace@server, it does not appear on the list if you restart Service Studio. You have to search for it or open the file and then re-open the latest version or remember to save as a file.

Is there a way to avoid this or a simple way to clear the MRU list?

This may seem minor, but it happens all the time and is tedious...

Hi Neil,

I don't think there's an easy way to clean the MRU list. However, if you think the MRU list doesn't work as it should, you could always create an Idea.


there is no way of clearing MRU list easily. The ones published are at the server and the ones shown in the list are  the saved ones at local systems.

Best practice is to save your espace and when u are done, publish it. Next time get the updated espace from server itself (which it does while opening application in service studio)