ComboBox diferences beetween V10 and V7


Right now im using the OutSystems version 7 because Im trying to do something in a server that I made in my home.

I have a problem with a ComboBox, in 10´s version i was capable to pass a value from a Text Atribute to a ComboBox, and in this version I cant do something like that. My problem is that combobox gives a value to a row witch make them change the color. If I have a identifier in the atribiute Im not capable to do the condition.



pfff, 7 is a really old platform so (admitted I have worked with it) but i am not sure how to solve it.

I think you should explicitly cast the Color to text (because I think the implicit cast is not there yet? )

Ye I know. Do you know any way to put the records from the ententie in the combobox leaving the atribute in type text?