How to allow concurrent development and testing with only one single database?

Hi all,

    We just started development. Current we are facing a challenge when different developers do testing of their own work in development environment, we interfere with each other's data thus resulting in test failures.

    Any advice on how can we seed data such that each developer can do their own testing standalone without affecting each other?

For any advice please


Hi Yih,

Use the personal area. Run the application with F6.

It's a start. :)

Eduardo Jauch

EDIT: Forget what I said. Well, don't forget, but it is not the answer to your question, as Kilian pointed.

Hi Yih,

Good question, but it depends largely on your data model and the type of data you have. I would advise the developers to discuss with each other (e.g. in the daily scrum or stand-up) what they want to test, and what test data they need. Also, they could create test data they alone will be using.

@Eduardo, the personal area contacts the same database the public area does, so there's no advantage there? The OP talked about data, not about the eSpaces themselves.


You are absolutely right!
I read "we interfere with each other's data thus resulting in test failures". My brain just deleted the "data" word.
I had breakfast without coffee this morning... :(

F6 will just prevent that debugging will interfere on each others run.

Thanks for pointing this out :)

Heh, happens to the best :) Keep up the good work :)

It would be interesting if Outsystems can "clone" the database as well not just the app/module   

Interesting perhaps, but very impractical...