Hello all, I have a third party trying to evaluate the Outsystems detach process.  All I need to provide them is an .oml, the detached source code and corresponding SQL .bak file from any simple application built on the Outsystems platform.  Is there anyway I can get this from any application someone may have?  I thought that there used to be a generic application called ContactMaanger that was used for that purpose but so far all we have received is the front end source code, nothing related to the DB.  The consultant wants to be able to load the source code in Visual Studio, create the corresponding DB in MS SQL on his local machine using artifacts that are as close as possible to what would be used in the event that they needed to detach.

Thank you very much in advance!!

Chris Woodruff


We ran the Detach Walk through which gave us the Application Source code for the sample Contact Manager app and have successfully loaded it into Visual Studio, compiled, so far so good.  ALL we need now is the corresponding SQL.bak files so we can restore as we would in a real situation if we ever decided to detach.  Can anyone give us a .bak of the generated SQL DB for the Contact Manager app?


Chris Woodruff

When you install OS on-premises, the DB stays in your server so there is no lock-in. Are you doing the test in the cloud?

Nuno Reis wrote:

When you install OS on-premises, the DB stays in your server so there is no lock-in. Are you doing the test in the cloud?

Thank you very much for your reply.  No, our 3rd party consultant has been asked to detach to a local environment.  So we either need a connection string to the sample DB created during the Detach Tutorial in his personal environment (which I know is probably not possible) so he can make his own backup or we need a .bak file from that DB.  Maybe a support person could get that for us?  We just want the .bak file nothing else...


Thanks again!


Maybe you need to contact Outsystems support for this. A detachment process means you stop using the outsystems and after that you get everything to run your application on visual studio.

Hi Chris,

I don't think you'll be able to get a DB backup from a Personal Environment, as this isn't supported in this type of environments. If you're keen on evaluating the detach process, please contact an OutSystems sales representative, as they will be able to provide an Enterprise Trial environment and showcase the process.