Dynamically set the title of a page

Here is an extension to dynamically set the title of a web screen.
To use it just publish it using OutSystems Integration Studio, add a reference to it, and then call the SetPageTitle action in the preparation of the screen.

Tiago Simoes
I haven't opened the extension yet…but could that be a way to insert meta tags on the page?…since you are messing with the head section.
Hi Andre,

With the upcoming support .NET 2.0 in OutSystems Platform 4.1 what you are mentioning should be possible. Unfortunately .NET 1.1 does not allow you to change these settings programatically.
This extension only works in .NET for now but it shouldn't be very hard to port the code to Java.
Tiago Simões
For the sake of findability, here follows a link to a post with a possible answer -> http://www.outsystems.com/NetworkForums/ViewTopic.aspx?TopicId=3022
Setting the title of the page can now be done with the HttpRequestHandler extension, which is available in the solutions page: http://www.outsystems.com/NetworkSolutions/ProjectDetail.aspx?ProjectId=63

Adding meta tags as André Madeira suggested, is also a supported feature in this extension. Check it out!