10.0.704.0 Action Layout

The latest 10.0.704.0 release appears to have an irritatingly new behaviour in snapping to odd grid lines when laying out action flowcharts.

I can PLACE a new icon on any half-icon grid line but when I want to MOVE it, I cannot return it to that position unless there happens to be another icon already on the same grid line.

See below:

Hopefully this is not a FEATURE.

Please submit this also to support..


Hi Lester,

This is indeed a new feature that helps you align nodes with each, similarly to what happens in other products like PowerPoint. It still has some glitches (that were already reported) and we will be making some improvements in the near future (e.g. avoiding the annoyance you reported in the previous post).

Do you want to contribute with closer feedback and possibly validate the product improvements?

If so, please send me an email with your contacts and feedback ;)

Join us solving this issue!

Cheers and thanks for the feedback


Oh, and my email is vasco(dot)pessanha(at)outsystems(dot)com!