Hey, not able to test my update that i am pushing to outsystem and not able to view / test in my browser, Attaching a screenshot of error that i am getting. 

Hi Adarsh,

Refresh your dependencies and try to open your app.

Let me know you solved or not.

Same error after refreshing the app, and now getting one more error, don't know why??

Attaching a screenshot of new error

Hi Adarsh,

For this second error, you need to upgrade your silk mobile version,it will solve the problem! This issue is due to a new version of chrome with breaking changes. (Your mobile app won't have the error). Either-way, new version of silk solves it.

About the first one, have you tried it in incognito mode?


Hi Adarsh,

As Henrique said you need to update silk UI.

While I am trying to find solution I goes into MobilePatterns(Silk UI) module and see this

I think outsystems team did't solve this  

Hope updating silk UI solve your problem.