I have 3 tables:

- Product
* ID
* Name

- Option
* ID
* Name
* OptionDescription

- ProductOptions
* ID
* Product.ID
* Option.ID
* OptionValue

In the ProductDetails screen you can add/edit the name of a product, and add Options to a product. The problem is that i want to list all the Options in a tablerecord, and add a checkbox and an input field to turn on/off options. I have no idea how to display this in a tablerecord and saving it in the database, and how to turn on/off the checkboxes automatically when you edit a product. Can someone help me with this?

Thanks in advance.
Hi Marthijn,

Maybe this 2 samples can lead you in the right direction:
How to use INLINE EDITING in Table/List Records
Bulk selection made easy

Tiago Simões