[SortRecordList] Regarding release version that I am using

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Published on 2018-12-20 by Kilian Hekhuis
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Published on 2018-12-20 by Kilian Hekhuis

Hi team,

Could you tell me the way of confirming SortRecordList version that I am using, please?

For example, I want to see the release note of SortRecordList Component for know the SortRecordList version that I am using.
However, I suppose a part of SortRecordList past version was removed from the SortRecordList versions page in Forge.
Therefore I suppose that I may not see the removed version, that is, I cannot know my using version.

Best regards,

Hi Hisako,

I don't think there's an easy way to check the version of the component you are currently using. But you could easily upgrade to the latest version, if you are in doubt whether you are using that?

Hi Kilian-san,

Thank you for your quick reply.
For example, I want to know difference between using version and latest version before upgrade.
I suppose that it will be useless if I am using removed version although I want to compare 2 versions.

So, I wish them to add some explanation about version in the description of SortRecordList if SortRecordList-Team can.
Furthermore, if there will be some discontinued version, I would like to see in the versions page without remove.


Hi Hisako-san,

The versions page lists all versions, back to version 1.0 from 2006. What kind of removal are you talking about?

Hi Kilian-san,

For example, where is the version of 2.0.7?
I suppose that it was maybe removed... is it fault?


That could very well be an internal version that was never released. The page lists all versions that were released.


Hi Kilian-san,

Thank you for your information.
I could knew the existence of the internal version by your information first time.

Our customer want to know the reason that if they cannot find a specify version in the versions page.
However, if it is that all of the public release will be listed in versions page, we can tell customer about the information that the non-existence version might be your internal version.

So my question would be solved by your responses.
I appreciate your kindly reply.

However, if you possible, could you please consider to add some explain regarding the current  version information to a description of component?

Thank you very much, again.



Hi Hisako,

I'm not the maintainer of this component (although I'm listed as part of the team), so I can't do that at the moment, but it is a good suggestion.