Getting 401 unauthorized error

Hi all,

          I have created a rest service to consume an API, its working fine at current server, but if i am deploying this escape at other server, its giving the error '401 Unauthorized', while consuming the rest.

and if i am deleting the rest and creating new one with the same name and same URL then its working.


Rajendra Singh

Hi Rajendra,

401 error is when the request lacks valid authentication credentials for the target resource.

Please check the permissions at the server, where you are deploying your espace, can it access the rest api exposed.

More details on the issue would be helpful.



Thanks Som,

                     i have checked the permission and i am deploying the espace to another server.

 if i am creating a new one using same URL its working fine, but the rest which i have deployed from the another server is giving this error.


Rajendra Singh

Hi Raj,

have you fixed this issue?


Hi Alexei,

Given this thread is about a year old, if you are facing a similar situation, I suggest you create a new post with your problem, it will likely be more visible and you will get a faster response to your specific problem.

Make sure you explain what you are doing, what is happening and what you were expecting to happen along with any attempts at solving it you have tried so far. This will give everyone a better understanding of your problem and hopefully lead to a quick solution.

Looking forward to read your posts!