Is it possible in OutSystems to define a masterpage (like in Visual Studio). It's not possible to add content in a webblock or editing a link.
At the moment I copy a page to a new page, but when I need tot change something in the layout I have to edit all my pages.

Hi Marthijin,

Yes, we have been doing some prototypes with some concepts similar to master pages (actually a little bit better :)) that were looking very good. These will appear in a future version.

Tiago Simões
Ok, thanks for the information

Seeing as your post is now one year old, and I'm a new user, I was wondering... how do things stand regarding the 'masterpage' situation? I currently use web blocks for headers, footers and menus, but I would love to see what you were talking about back then...
Hugo Sousa
Hi Hugo,

We expect to disclose further information in the near future, but for now you can be assured that next version will certainly see some very significant improvements in terms of the reusability of interface elements.