Having in mind your confirmed receptiveness about the development community feedback, I decided to post this topic:

- First, why does a search for “auto complete” doesn’t return the obvious result:
http://www.outsystems.com/NetworkForums/ViewTopic.aspx?TopicId=2786 ?
- A suggestion: people could make more use of this site if you create a system for uploading / downloading extensions. These extensions would be well organized and commented / rated by users, etc. This would promote reusability and community feeling.
- Finally, why there is not a forum where users can post suggestions, critics, etc., like this one, which doesn’t fit elsewhere?

Thank you
Hi Luis,

Thank you very much for your feedback. By the way you can always send your feedback, either critics, suggestions, bugs or any other type of feedback using the submit feedback link placed at the top of the community page.

First Topic: are you sure that your search didn't return those results using 'auto complete' as keywords. I just made that search and the topic you mentioned was the first hit. Anyway if it didn't return that result you should submit the bug using the link I just mentioned.

Second Topic: This is a very good suggestion. If you look into the solutions area of the community portal you'll find some pre-packaged solutions and extensions that you can use in your development. There is also a forum dedicated to these solutions where you can register your comments. As for the rating there's no voting mechanism implemented in the portal, anyhow people can always give their impression again using the forum.

Third Topic: The forums are mainly dedicated to development issues. Any other type of feedback should be submitted using the submit feedback link. All suggestions deserve our best receptiveness.

I hope I have shed some light into your doubts.

I tried again and it didn't returned any result. I will submit the bug.

Ok you're right. Sorry for posting feedback here, since I should have used your submission form.

By the way: is there anyway to view all my past posted topics?

Hi again Luis,

Please try to be as complete as possible in the error submission, providing all the steps to the error including testing conditions like what browser are you using, etc.

Unfortunately there's no way, actually, to see one's post. I'll redirect your request to the community portal team.
Hi Luís!

Thanks for all your feedback. Just to let you know that your search problem was indeed a bug and has been resolved. Can you check if your search query returns the relevant result now?

On the topic of feedback, I can let you know that we are reorganizing our forums and in the short-term we'll have news on that... stay tuned :)

Thanks again and keep the feedback coming, using any feedback mechanism you feel more confortable with!
Gonçalo Gaiolas
Yes, the search works fine now :)
Thank you for your support!
Thanks for the feedback - keep it coming.

I hope you have fun using the Platform :)