Does anybody know if/how/where I can review iOS source files on how deeplink is implemented for native apps generated with Outsystems. What are the implemented methods to process a URL in the app? I need to understand the details because of conflict with my own (Cordova) plugin.



I suggest to contact support directly.

Furthermore could you share some more info about the issues you are encountering, perhaps there is a simple solution for it..


I am implementing a plugin for IOS that allows the user to 'share' documents, such as Email attachments, with my mobile app. When the user shares such document (of a type registered by my app), iOS will move it to my app's sandbox and calls the openURL method of the AppDelegate with the URL (in this case, containing the file path to the document).

So I have implemented this openURL method and added it to the AppDelegate. It works fine. My OS plugin gets the URL (i.e. file location and filename) and from there, my app further processes the document.

The problem is that my implementation of openURL as a method in the AppDelegate interrupts the functioning of deep links as provided out of the box. They don't work anymore. Clicking a link to a location in my app still opens my app, but does not navigate to the required screen or pass parameters. So adding my openURL method to AppDelegate causes this problem. Why? I would like to understand the OS DeepLink implementation, so I can determine what causes the conflict.