Dynamically load resources in generated app

Hi all,

We are to create 3 mobile apps that have the same codebase, the only difference for the 3 apps is the styling and resources. We do this by developing one app that contains all the css and resources, and afterwards merge the base-app with the other two apps. The css manages the look and feel for the 3 apps.

Because we have one codebase all 3 apps contain all the resources for the 3 different apps, but runtime each apps uses only 1/3 of the resources. But the 2/3 of the resources that are not used increase the size of the app.

Is there a way to dynamically add resources so when the 3 apps are generated only the resources that the single app uses are included in the app?

Ore does anyone have a better idea on how to create 3 apps that have the same codebase but use different css/resources?

Hi Robert

On the espace that manages the look&feel, are you creating 3 themes? One for each app?

Hi Vera,

At this moment we have just one theme that contains all the styling for the 3 different apps.

Each app only uses 1/3 of the styling (css, resources etc..), which is a pitty because the 2/3 of the styling that is not used takes a lot of unnecessary space.

Do you have experience with developing multiple mobile apps with one codebase and different styling?

You could place the generic resources in another espace.

Then load these into your desired modules using the url on which they are located.

But this would require an internet connection though.