Variable labels on Excel Downloads?

Hi all,

 Just query regarding a data download to Excel. I would like to know if there is a way to make the label value (and therefore Column heading) conditional.

  The source data to download is in the structure but I want but I want to vary a Date label (conditional on another attribute) as we are creating 3 separate downloads.

  I could create 3 separate download structures (with different labels) but would like to avoid additional assignment (by attribute) if possible.





Hi Neil,

Unfortunately that's not possible. The column header will always be the Label of the Structure Attribute, and which Attributes to export is fixed at design time. So you could indeed use three different structures, or take a look at one of the Forge components that deal with Excel files.


Kilian, thanks for the extremely fast response - you have confirmed my thoughts. 

I will look at the Forge components too.



You're most welcome, and good luck :).