[Google Places] Not working on iOS(Safari and Opera)

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Published on 2017-04-03 by Ouen Worth
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Published on 2017-04-03 by Ouen Worth


I am having a problem when I try to open a page with this component on iOS(11) Safari and Opera. What happens is that I select the address that I want from the component options but it does not stay selected.

Does everyone had this same behaviour before? And/or know how to solve it?

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I got a workaround that worked.

Add the following script to your page

"<script type='text/javascript'>
$( document ).ready(function() {

    // need to stop prop of the touchend event
    if (navigator.userAgent.match(/(iPad|iPhone|iPod)/g)) {
        setTimeout(function() {
            var container = document.getElementsByClassName('pac-container')[0];
            container.addEventListener('touchend', function(e) {
        }, 500);


I got this solution from: https://gist.github.com/schoenobates/ef578a02ac8ab6726487