Is it possible to implement Likert scales?

Ofcourse it is possible to implement it. There might even be some default packages in the Forge for you to use.

oops, yes it's possible.

not sure if webppatterns has it already, otherwise it's pretty easy to implement.

(think about radio-buttons and a line for example)

J. wrote:

The image is strange, so I have no clue what you mean.


I am implementing feedback section where user gives feedback. You see it on many site where it used for user satisfaction.

You might even want to think about using a slider, rate satisfaction from left to right? 

Or just a simple LIKE or DISLIKE?

Still the closest to likert would probably be some radio buttons like J. said.


Hi Kavita,

As J. has said it's simple to implement with radio buttons and lines. Here is an example with just html and css: