Searching for "process_DMDF.xml"

Searching for "process_DMDF.xml"

In the Technical Note for Installing and Configuring Document Management I'm supposed to folow the configuration steps:
1. LBPM process configuration
a. In Enterprise Manager go to LBPM > Configuration menu,
b. Import and upload the provided configuration file process_DMDF.xml ...
However, this xml is not provided when downloading the Solution.
Could you provide me that file?
Best regards,
Joana Andrade
Hi Joana,

Sorry for that ... somehow we missed it on the solution.
You can use the attached file!

Best Regards,
-- José Martins

importing process_DMDF.xml gives me a 'Unknown attribute Id in entity PROCESS_DEFINITION'.
The problem occurs when XmlToProcessDefinitionRL is executed (Serialization_XmlToRecordListXML Action in XML extension
 in LBPM eSpace).

Bruno Cavaco