Invalid call of the '_' client action of the '_'  since the latter is not currently..

We are having the following error in our app:

Invalid call of the 'GetAccessLevelOnAfterFetch' client action of the 'MainFlow.HomePage' since the latter is not currently active. This is likely due to a platform's client action being used as an event handler or in a setTimeout function. Consider removing this call by using the 'On Destroy' event of the screen/block or moving your logic to a global client action.

We manage to fix it in a different occasion because we were using a global Javascrip setinterval and not clearing it correctly.
In this case this error is being triggered in a specific screen that has more info to load.
In all the places this error happens the only code being used is simple, does not use any setinterval and is not used in any events, despite that i will attach a example of the code we are running.
We are having an application launch in a few days so we are in a bit of a hurry to this this issue.

Thanks for the help.
Francisco Freire


Hi Francisco,

Where is the 'GetAccessLevelOnAfterFetch' being called in your module? Did you check there is no setInterval or setTimeout calling it? Contact support if you don't manage to find what's happening.


Hi Atónio,
This specific function Is being a called on the OnReady action but we also have this problem on some webblocks on the OnAfterFetch action.

I can't help much more without analyzing your module. 

If you are able to provide an oml that I can analyze great, if you don't I suggest you contact OutSystems support to help you fix it.

I really can´t provide an oml, i have already opened a ticket regarding this issue.

But thank you anyway :)


Hi Fransisco,

Was the problem already resolved?

Greetings Kilian.

Sadly, no, still couldn't find a solution or the origin of the problem.


Francisco Freire.

Hello guys,

Did you guys reach any conclusion on what was causing the problem?

I'm experiencing the same issue...

Thanks a lot!


I have the same problem. Someone know how I can solve this?


Hi Paulo,

First, treat this message as a warning, it's not a true error. It may indicate something could be solved better, but I've seen circumstances where it's almost impossible to fix.

For example, in the orginal post, Francisco has an error about the OnAfterFetch. What likely happened is that a Screen with a Screen Aggregate, the Screen Aggregate having an OnAfterFetch, was destroyed, e.g. because the user navigated away from it, and since the Aggregate is executed in parallel, the OnAfterFetch is run even after the Screen is no longer there. In such cases, I'm really not sure how to prevent this from happening (though this particular use-case might be solved already, as the original post is from 2017).

So I'd need to know more about the exact error you are getting, as this message doesn't have a single solution.

Hi Kilian,

Thanks for your answer.

My error below, it's about a JS to close one dropdown. I have this JS in OnReady  of the dropdown.



Does this always appear? Or is it associated with a specific action, e.g. navigating to a different page?

The errors are logged in random way. And not only this action, now I see many errors like than complaining about lot of actions in different widgets.


Mmm, that's weird. Are these standard widgets from OutSystems UI, or custom widgets?

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