Hi All

How can I call a client action automatically if there is no Internet connection in mobile?
Basically, I want to warn User "No Internet connection available!!!".
There's one plugin in Outsystems Forge "NetworkInformation" which checks the network connection but this action has to be called manually. Any idea where I can trigger this action automatically when there is a change in network? Please guide. Thanks


Hi Tony,

You have a block on the Mobile Patterns called NetworkStatusChange. You should place it on the layout, and bind an event handler to this event. 

Then you should have a local variable to map the result of that event. This event is triggered every time that is a transition between online-> offline and the opposite.

With that local variable you can bind it to an if statement or trigger a different event to be handled at the page level.

Hope it helps.



Hi Tony, 

You can use NetworkStatusChanged event to determine weather Network is available or Not.


Thanks for your Help Henrique and Sachin. I will give it a try.   

Or... you could use a built-in function from Outsystems called GetNetworkStatus() it will return true while online and will return false while offline.