Hello , I'd like to know if anyone knows an extension or a way how to convert any of the file extensions mentioned on the title for PDF? Have tried some libraries in an C# extension but I haven't found one that works fine server side to me. Thanks in advance :)

You can check https://www.convertapi.com/docx-to-pdf for a (paid) REST service that claims to do what you need. This would be simple to implement in OutSystems. Otherwise, most alternatives would rely on at least two libraries... one to read the contents of a document and a second to render them in PDF format.

Hello Luiz,

I've just release one library to convert docx to pdf. It's still in a early beta stage but you can check it out at:



Hello, I want to ask ... how to convert the excel file to PDF and position it in the pdf ... for example in Colom A1 in Excel it will be on the left pdf with a distance of 10 spaces, then A2 will be in PDF with position 10 from the right page PDF?
can you help?

Hi Danang,

If you post your question as a new topic, I'll be glad to provide my thoughts on the subject. This post seems to be loosely related to the original topic, and this way you will hopefully get better answers. A good title could be "How can I convert an Excel file to PDF with a custom layout?".

Thanks for understanding!

Ooops, seems you had just done that a few minutes before I replied... I'll continue there then!