Newline in MOBILE Feedback Message

Hi All,

I want to display text as 2 lines in a feedback message in a MOBILE APPLICATION.

In a Web App I can use "Line1<br/>Line2" but in a mobile app this does not work.

I have also tried "Line1\r\nLine2" and "Line1" + NewLine() + "Line2" and "Line1


But none of these work.  Is it possible to display a feedback message with a newline break in a mobile app?




You are saying "this does not work", but what exactly is the result of using <br> and NewLine()?


It just echos the codes (NewLine gets translated to a space).  BUT...

I finally discovered how to do this.  

The FeedbackMessage API by default performs an EncodeHTML() on the message which is why the <br/> gets displayed instead of producing a new line.

But if you create a Javascript call as shown below and provide a parameter for the EncodeHTML option as FALSE, then you can supply HTML codes in your message including <br/> to force a new line.

This is all documented at:

MessageType 0=Info, 1=Success, 2=Warning, 3=Error


Thanks for the feedback Lester, that's something I didn't know myself :).

I don't know about v10, but on v9 within the RichWidgets espace, the default behaviour can be set via a site property: