get mime type from upload file

get mime type from upload file


how to get mime type after uploading some file in  mobile apps ?

Hi Robby,

What are you using for the upload?

hi Kilian,


Hi Robby,

Unfortunately, the image seems missing.

So,I can't get the image's mime type ?


Sorry, I thought you included an image to show what you did, I didn't get you uploading an image. So let me rephrase: what does the code look like that you use for uploading files?

in mobile apps our team use camera plugin for upload image to entity

Hi Robby,

If you use the camera plugin, you are not actually uploading a file, you are creating one, so I guess your original question is not actually what you want. I also assume the camera plugin delivers the image as a jpeg file, which makes the MIME type image/jpeg.

Hi Killian,

I'm using Upload widget from Accelerator (dragging binary column).

Unlike Upload Widget in Web Applications, Upload widget in mobile P10 does not return Filename and Type.

Below image for comparison (web apps):

I googled a bit, and it seems that file type checking is typically done server side, and difficult to do client side (see e.g. here).

You can take a look at this (mobile) component:

Don't know for sure, but there can be some mime-type functionality in here.

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