[Resizable Columns] Resizable Columns- Session Variable

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Published on 2018-10-31 by Justin Babel
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Published on 2018-10-31 by Justin Babel


I am trying to use the resize cols thing from the Forge. It's very good so far! However, My end goal is to be able to store a users configurations for a table upon each login, not just a session. However the values that come back in the form I don't fully understand.


Are these margin left and margin right values?

Also, I did manage to get it so it can store the values in a table after a resize, but never after the first one. It says Index 1 is not in range. I think it is because the first time you call the onResize Event, the NotifyGetMessage brings back a blank value. Does anyone know why, and how one might remedy this?


Hi Edward,

Sorry to get back to you a few days late, I've been on vacation since last Thursday, so the timing on the first support thread for this component was bad luck   .

I will look into this for you after my work day today. I need to refresh myself a bit before I answer/see if their might be a problem.



Thanks Justin! No rush! Only if you have time! :) Cheers