Combo box refresh

Combo box refresh


I have a combo box that is populated by an Advanced Query in action Preparation.

The problem is that every time I click a button in that page, the value that I've choosen in the combo box is lost and the first value is selected. That doesn't happens to combo boxes populated using values in Special List.

Can someone help me?

Thanks in advance.

Ana Tavares
Hello Ana,

Do you have an input parameter assigned to that combobox? If so you should fill in that input on the button call with the same variable. If you have a local variable, you should assign a value to it while on screen preparation.

Did I give any help?

If not, can you be more explicit? Is the combo-box inside an Edit Record widget?

Best regards,

Diogo CS Cordeiro
Hi Ana,

In case your Combo Box is inside a Table Record widget and you are using an Hub Server version prior to, please update it: a bug related to this has already been fixed.

Hope this helps,


It's working! Thanks for your help.

Ana Tavares