Cell renderization IE vs Firefox

I have a table with some cells that contain div limited information, in IE, since the cells don't have any information, the renderization doesn't occur, but in Firefox the cells appear. Is there some way of manage cells visibility with javascript? Can't find a way to call a specific cell and then hide it.
Hi Claudia.

There's a CSS rule which controls whether empty cells are rendered or not. Try putting this rule on your stylesheet:

table { empty-cells:show; }

More information: http://www.w3.org/TR/CSS21/tables.html#empty-cells
Hi Leonardo,

Thanks for the help, using your suggestion, the cells aren't renderized anymore, but the space is still there, any suggestion?

I'm sorry, I thought you wanted to show the empty cells. You should try this rule instead:
table { empty-cells: hide; }

In case that fails, you can use the "display:none" style in the cells you want to hide.
Hope this helps.