[YouTube Player Plugin] You tube plugin is not working

Forge Component
Published on 2017-10-03 by Paulo Ramos
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Published on 2017-10-03 by Paulo Ramos


I have test this plugin but it is now working,

Can you please check once.



It’s impossible to help you if you don’t provide any useful info.

Please read the component’s details page. You need a generated app (won’t work in OutSystems Now nor the browser). Not tested in iOS since I don’t have the credentials for generating the native app. And check out the Freeman’s Mind sample for understanding how to use it (tested in Android 7.*).

Hi Paulo,

I am testing on generated android native apps only, I also now cordovo plugin will not work on outsystems now nor the browser. 

I'll check my mobile version once and also your freeman sample.


Rajat Agrawal