Importing DB entities through Integration Studio

Importing DB entities through Integration Studio


I am trying to import the structure of a legacy DB into an extension with Integration Studio (with the goal of providing access to the DB through webservices).

When trying to connect the extension to my external SQLServer database, I get the error message
'Error connecting to the server. The request failed with HTTP status 404'

I am using the Express Edition of Outsystems ... now, is this just due to the limitations of the Express Edition? Or do I miss something obvious here? (unfortunately I'm by no way a SQLServer expert). I have a hard time understanding why connecting to a database would produce an HTTP 404 :)

Cheers for any help!
- Stefan
Hi Stefan,

Integration Studio only knows how to communicate with a Service Center. The 404 (Not Found) error appeared because your SQL Server machine probably has no Service Center installed.

For security reasons, the Import Entities from Database Wizard of Integration Studio actually connects to your Service Center. Is Service Center that introspects your legacy database and not Integration Studio.

Therefore, to integrate with a legacy database and use the Integration Studio Wizard, you must add a DB Link to the legacy database in the SQL Server supporting Service Center. There is further information in the Integration Studio documentation, namely on the Import Entities from a Database topic.

As for your other question, there are no development limitations whatsoever in the Express Edition. It is only limited in scalability, manageability, operations and runtime usage.

Hope this helps. Happy integrations!

Rodrigo Castelo