How to connect an external database


I'm Fahmi.

I want to connect my apps with my external database, so i can write the SQL code as usual. So, can someone tell me how to connect with an external database ?

Hi Fahmi,

Not to be disrespectful, but if you invested some time to search the forums and the documentation you would have found your answer.

Integration studio is the way to go.

Paulo Ribeiro wrote:

Hello Fahmi,

This documentation page may be a good way to start:

I have gone through that link. But Is there any way to connect to an external database without using the service centre? like using REST API?

Hello Sowmya,

OutSystems is quite flexible in terms of integrating with external systems. This chapter of the documentation covers the possible ways of doing these integrations:

So, if you are able to build a REST API around your external database, OutSystems is able to consume that REST API and access the data in the database. However, keep in mind that this way of doing the integration has more overhead because of the REST calls and as such does not perform as well as the recommended method described in the help article Connect to an External Database.