Expose usage of record to an end user


I'm trying to expose to the end user where a certain 'Stage' of an application is set. The Entity is a Static Entity. I can see this in Service Studio by right clicking on the record and selecting 'Find usages'. I only need it as there are several application types with different statuses so it's to mainly 'inform' the end user where each one is set.

The status is changed via a 'Set Status' action and I can also see the usages of the action by selecting 'Find usages' so i think i need a mixture of the 2.

Does that make sense?

Is it possible?


It doesn't make much sense to me.... sorry.

You want to dynamically show the end-user where certain actions are being used in your code?

Hi Claring,

that's it in a nutshell!

They can't change them it's just so they have an understanding of when a Status is changed.


If you only need a "find usages" at runtime, then have a look at the OSSYS_ESPACE_REFERENCE system table. It contains all references between modules.


Hi Debra, 

As you want to do this to the end-user, I'm assuming you want to show a message to the user alerting to the fact that the status changed?

The only way I see that this is possible (or at least, the only easy way), is to do this screen by screen, looking for every place where the record is being created / updated and putting there a Feedback message.

To make it a little easier, you could encapsulate the create/update (CreateOrUpdate) action in a function that would verify if the status will be changed before changing the record and return true if the status was changed, so that you could use this to alert the user.

I'm not seeing an easier way to do this.

Eduardo Jauch


Thanks Eduardo. That certainly seems like the easiest option and I think the end user will find this really useful.