Hi all,

I'm currently using the latest Absences Manager solution.
However, i'm having an error while saving and/or submitting vacation dates.

This is what happens:

As you are aware the GetDatesFromString's action purpose is to create a date record list with all the dates selected. In this action, you separate the dates with '|' to easy the process.
Then a TempDate is built for each date, but with an undesired format (dd-mm-yyyy). when assingning this tempdate to the record, even though its used the TextToDate built-in function, the date (yyyy-mm-dd) it simply overrides the tempdate and stays as default #1900-01-01 0:00:00#.

My outcome is always: [0]: #1900-01-01 0:00:00#, [1]: #1900-01-01 0:00:00#, [...]: #1900-01-01 0:00:00#.

Maybe i'm not explaining myself quite right.
Hope you understand,

Do you have any sugestion to fix this problem?

PS: I have also noticed that, as a precaucionary measure, when dates are already inserted in the calendar, they come with a different format when selected (yyyy-mm-dd), precisely no to be processed.
Is there any correlation between both this facts?

Another issue that seems important to me, but unrelated to this fact is the mismatch between database and Outsystems data formats when it comes to dates:
Outsystems date format:
1900-01-01 0:00:00
Database date format:
01-01-1900 0:00:00

Best Regards,
Rui Fonseca
Hi Rui,

Have you checked if OutSystems Service Center date format is set to YYYY-MM-DD?
You can check it out at: OutSystems Service Center > Administration > Server Configuration

Tiago Simões
Hi Tiago,

Yes, my data format in Service Center is indeed set to YYYY-MM-DD.
Should i change it to DD-MM-YYYY in order to match the DB?

Best Regards,
Hi all,

It has indeed normalized the Solution's behaviour.

Now, with almost everything running smoothely, i have just come upon another issue.

When approving vacations there are two buttons.
You can either Reprove All, or Approve just the selected days, reproving the unselected ones with a reproval comment.

However, in the last button (Approve Selected) the reproval reason is never inserted in DB table Absence_approval_comment. It is only sent through email. Is this supposed to be like this, or instead should the reproval reason be inserted and associated with the absence being reproved?

Best Regards,
Rui Pedro