Instead of using Forge component (say it Googlè Map) i create it my own using google map javascript API. My question is what is the advantages and drawbacks between those two?



What are the advantages of open source? A component was developed and tested by someone else, but you can verify it or improve it. So you have a double guarantee that it will work. Developing from scratch takes longer and for common use scenarios may be a waste of time. The Forge is like open source.

Some components are even supported by OutSystems. It means they are made the best possible way.

For Google Maps you have OS official components, Grazina has two, Sónia Ferreira has one... Why build a new one? Is your use case really that unique that you can't use one of those as a base?

Basically what nuno said.

The forge are just components people decided to share after they build something what you did.

They thought "hey perhaps other people could use that instead of inventing the wheel again"



I agree with Nuno and J.
But I would like to point some aspects not mentioned yet (it seems).

When choosing between something "ready" or creating it from scratch, you have to ask yourself: What gain I have from one or another?

Well, when you do something yourself, you learn how to DO things. If you have time and you want to learn this, it is a valid choice. But if you have a schedule and this will have a "cost" you can't pay, than, the most obvious choice by this criteria is: let it go, and use something ready.

Of course, you can think that becoming "dependent" on something that you don't own/maintain that can be abandoned in the future is a risk you don't want to take. Or you may need some sort of feature that is not in the available version and the creators/maintainers do not have the time to implement it.. 

Most of the time, even if you need to make changes, or learn, using something that already exists will improve your learning curve.

So, its always a good idea to contribute to what already exists, instead of creating everything from scratch (but sometimes is fun).

In the end, the idea is that if everybody do something and share, everybody will do everything faster, and everybody will have contributed to it. And we end up creating a culture of "cooperation" instead of simply go into a "wild competition". 

My 2 cents :)

Eduardo Jauch