get mouse position javascript (firefox)

get mouse position javascript (firefox)

ok this must be the dumbest thing ever

i'm trying to do something like this:

but i'm having a problem i didn't expect, how can i get the event itself? cause in firefox

my event object doesn't have any properties, so i was thinking if there was any way to pass the event as an argument of an function
Hi Miguel,

Check out this post:

In there you can find how to get your scroll position in firefox too.

best regards,
Vasco Grossmann
i still think i'm missing something.

i'll attach an example:

the problem is that i have the calender widget sometimes going to the top of the page, and i want to force it to go to the place i was before, the place where i click on the mouse, so i guess i need the event itself.

the other problem after is that the calender widget doesn't seem to have an id, but that comes after, by now i would be happy if i could have my mouse coordinates on the fields in firefox
Hi again Miguel,

I confused scroll position and mouse position before.

Take a look at this oml - I think you'll be able to do what you want with it.
thanks, it seem to work, so i'll take a look at it.

i'm now working on trying to catch the events from the calender