Disable the elastic scrolling/bounce effect 

Is it possible to disable the elestic scrolling/bounce effect on a iPad/iPhone Mobile App, so that the app has a more native look-and-feel.

Found this article, but these didn't work yet:


Hello Matthias,

Did you have any solution for this?


No, didn't find a solution for it.

If you use 

.phone .main-content {
    overflow: hidden;

it will stop the bouncing effect on the screens.

However, if you still want to have scrolling inside your containers you need to give a CSS class to the container itself with 

.ScrollableContainer {
   max-height: 500px; 
   overflow-y: scroll;


Has anyone managed to solve this problem?

Best Regards,

Nuno Lourenço


Any update on this subject? I'm working on an IOS app and i'm facing the same problem. Already tried a lot of css but without success.

Best Regards,

Rúben Ferreira


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