change theme (templat to clone) from application already created


Someone can help me?

I have an application with selected theme, but now I need set an other template/theme for new eSpaces.
It is possible change theme/template for new eSpaces? How?


Hi David,

Although there are multiple ways to do this, probably the simplest way would be:

  1. Create another Application with the new Template you want;
  2. Create the first responsive module of the new Application (this is basically cloning the Template and customizing its Theme according to the icon/color you may have selected for the new Application);
  3. Publish the newly created responsive Module;
  4. Move the just-published responsive Module to your original Application;
  5. Delete new (now empty) Application.

You now have a new module that provides a different Theme... on your eSpaces you can choose which Theme to use.