How can i call a t-sql userdefined function?

I want to execute a T-SQL Userdefined function from a linkedserver (SRVX), and tried it the following way:

Create Advanced Query with, a @inputvar input variable and the following: sql string

@inputvar = "('2007-02-01', 1, '2008-03-01','2009-02-28')"

SELECT Peak, OffPeak FROM SRVX.Pricing.dbo.Fn_Prices @inputvar

but this returns the error:

Unexpected 'SRVX.Pricing' in SQL statement
Hi Mathias,

Maybe you can try it just
SELECT Peak, OffPeak FROM Fn_Prices @inputvar
(omitting the SRVX.Pricing.dbo part)

Tiago Simões