Hi All,

I would like to ask how to have menu access control in Outsystems.For Example Home Screen menu and its subMenu is accessible and visible to all group of user but Bookings Menu and its SubMenu are visible to user group A only.Rooms menu and its submenu is accessible to user group B and C with one of the submenu is only visible and accessible to user group C.

With this kind of design, when user group A login to system, he can only see menu of Home Screen and Booking only.While user group B and C can see Home Screen and Rooms.

can anyone help on this? 


Hi Johnson,

You have to use the IF widget, which allows you to show or hide UI elements based on a certain condition. So you'd drop an IF in your screen and in its condition use something like the "Check<YourRole>Role" functions, which are automatically created for each Role you define, to check if the user has that particular role. In the True part of the IF, you put your menu. The False part can just be left empty.


Thanks Aurelio. ^^

Hi There,

approx 3000+ users will hit to our applications, based on their role assigned to user name & we have to hide or show sub menu items.

Is there any better way to handle this kind of access?

e.g: Menu > Create New Request (drop down)

Sub menu (A, B, C, D, E, F web pages)

access may be different to each individual users i.e. Person 1 can access A,B,C and Person 2 only D, Person 3 only E, F and Person 4 may have all A to F.

So We should show only those sub menu items which they have access, hide sub menu items which they don't have.

I am thinking to pull type of access through SQL Query and IF condition for each sub menu item. Is it a right way am dong?

If Sql query is correct to this kind of logic, where I need place this logic(in each web page or any centralized place) ?

Please suggest.