Is it possible to change menu caption during run time like refresh widgets?

Hi Stanley,

Yes, it is possible.

To do this, if you are using the Menu web block, you need to set the menu caption as a variable in the link.
It can be a input parameter to the web block, a session variable, a function that goes look for the caption in an entity, etc.

Than, after changing the name in the source you are using, you just "refresh" the menu web block, and it will replace the captions.

But... Why do you want to do this?
What's your use case?

If you need a "dynamic" menu, you can, for example, use a List Records. The advantage is that you can control other things, like the link of the menu.

Eduardo Jauch

Hi Eduardo,

The problem is there is no refresh action in Common Flow, and refresh in Main Flow can only refresh widgets in the content area.

The usage case is for adding an alert flag instead of a fly out message block: for example "menu" vs "menu (!)"



1. Set a name for the expression in the menu.

2. Add a preparation to the menu, save the name to a session variable.

3. Use RunJavascript action to update the text of the menu.