Problem with FusionCharts 1.2


I'm using Service Center, Service Studio, Integration Studio and FusionCharts 1.2.

I try to use this widget but I’ve the following problem the resources aren't added to the project.

As a work arround I try to create one extension with these resources and after included it on the project. The file "FusionCharts.js" is added but all the other files with the extension swf aren't added.
Hi Franscisco,

This is an issue related with the Java version of the OutSystems Platform as I already wrote to you on another post. However you should be able to deploy the swf files using the extension. Confirm that the swf files are included in the extension and that the action defined for each one is 'Copy to Application directory' - double click the swf file in the integration studio to do this.

I hope this helps you,
André Vieira